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The myth of self belief…

The myth of self belief… Many of my clients are under the impression that the thing in their way is a lack of self belief or confidence. Sometimes it’s this idea itself that is in

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It CAN actually be that simple

Can I share a little story with you ? A few weeks back, I caught up with a client of mine at a cafe for breakfast. It was cold and it’s threatening to rain. We were seated at a

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Purpose is an inside job

Are you waiting to be struck with purpose or inspiration? Do you find yourself thinking things like “I’ll do something when I feel inspired” or “as soon as I know what my purpose is I

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The Biz Pits Shits

My client was feeling like a failure. Like she was doing all this work and not getting anywhere and never feeling that feeling of ‘success’. Not seeing the monetary results she’d like or feeling like

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