Why I offer 3 month/Yearly coaching ?


Change can happen in an instant. And there are many circumstances where a single or double session is all that is required. Changing a behaviour, a belief, or an unwanted response can be achieved in minutes. Phobias and traumatic events can rapidly be reduced to a ‘meh’ in a single session. And, for many, changing just one thing can lead to quite profound transformation, especially if this one thing was stopping you from living a full expression of yourself.

When you are committed to your own ongoing learning and development and becoming your best self, it’s unlikely that this is going to be achieved in a couple of hours.  There’s a difference between those rapid, single session kind of changes and deep, generative transformation. The kind of transformation where your way of being and identifying in the world fundamentally shifts, opening up new choices and capabilities along the way.

Take changing an emotional response for example. In a single session I can help you to feel and respond differently fast. But imagine being the kind of person who is highly skilled in changing their own emotional responses, who understands the structure of how they are creating their experience and are able to redesign it for themselves. The difference here is skill development, where you can do things you couldn’t do before and get results you couldn’t get before and it takes a little longer.

We can go a lot further and a lot deeper when we work intensively together.


When you allocate the time to meet with me for regular sessions you are making a commitment. There is less room for life to get in the way of you moving towards the things you want and there’s something about working to a deadline… knowing our next session is just around the corner can inspire you to take action and integrate your learnings much faster.

It’s also helpful to know your appointments are scheduled and waiting for you in advance so you don’t have to try to book one in at short notice.

Dedicated, focused attention

When you purchase a coaching program, you are committing yourself and your time to me, and it goes both ways, I am also committing my time and my attention to you. I wanted to be able to create a bigger, life long impact for my people so I changed the way I practice to accommodate this.

I take a limited number of clients on each year. I allocate time around each session to work on your program behind the scenes, designing a custom experience through which you can experience the learning and changes you most need. Instead of booking appointments back to back, I allow time before and after each session to prepare and re-associate into you and your world. This can be additional hours or days of preparation, just for you. I truly believe that there are many incredible things waiting to be discovered, and my role is to bring them out to play. When I am focused on you and immersed in your world this way, I can do my best work.

Better results

This is the most important part. Because of all the reasons above, we get even better results.

Due to the intensive way I work with people, there is a limit to the number of casual or one off client bookings available in any given week, however, please feel free to get in touch and ask. If I don’t currently have space for you I can recommend exceptional people in this field who will be able to help you with your outcomes.

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