1:1 Half Day FLOW & High Performance Coaching Intensive

Join the likes of Silicon Valley execs and US Special Forces to hack your consciousness to access high performance flow states and massively upgrade your life in this half day 1:1 coaching intensive

Watch this video with Steven Kotler from the Flow Genome Project and learn about the neurochemistry of flow.

What's possible with FLOW?

Enhance performance - faster, stronger, smarter

Amplify creativity and lateral thinking

Jack up learning! Accelerate learning, amplify pattern recognition

Create and amplify intrinsic motivation

Accelerate social bonding, collaboration and cooperation

Two entrepreneurial participants who spent a couple of hours in flow together approached me at the end of the session to tell me they have realised they are totally aligned and have joined forces to create something wonderful for the world together.  Flow states facilitating accelerated social connection and collaboration in action... This is what makes it a must have leadership / management skill!

Amy Bell, your Flow Trainer Amy Bell, your Flow Trainer

1:1 FLOW Coaching Intensive features

  • Flow States anytime, anywhere

    Join the likes of Silicon Valley execs and US special forces and hack your consciousness to access flow states that amplify focus, muscle reaction time and pattern recognition eg. become faster, stronger, smarter, more creative

  • Teams that flow together...

    Utilise flow states to increase social bonding, creativity, collaboration and cooperation in groups of people. A must have skillset for management and leadership

  • Turn things around with Flow

    Manage your emotional state and be on your game even when life is throwing you curve balls.

  • Drag and Drop Flow

    Drag and drop this incredible high performance state into any context where you would like to level up your performance and results

  • Flow for a change

    Use flow to change an undesirable response and allow new choices and possibilities to open up for you in your life

  • High Performance Stratgies

    Learn healthy feedback and high performance strategies to stop beating yourself up and level up exponentially.

What is Flow all about?

What frequently gets in the way of peak performance in life is this incessant internal dialogue that we give so much attention and importance to. Conscious mind chatter. We all have references for times when we’ve been really nervous, in our heads maybe commentating on how lousy our performance is, how hard something is, feeding ourselves thoughts of insecurity and self doubt or maybe just distracted and thinking about something completely unrelated to the task at hand Maybe you’ve tuned out in a lecture, meeting or conversation and missed something really important.

Well, here’s the thing, when you can get out of your head and into your whole body, be fully present in the moment, use all of your senses, have all of your attention on the outside, and be unconsciously responsive to your environment, this magic thing called FLOW is possible.

Flow, often described as being in “The Zone” is an optimal state of consciousness where we perform at our best, a state of peak performance where all of your attention is outside of you, fully immersed and engaged in whatever activity you are doing. It is a state for high performance, accelerated learning, and greater connection PLUS it’s an antidote to anxiety. Magic, right?

During a state of flow there is a massive neurochemical dump of performance enhancing chemicals that make you faster, stronger and more creative. It is a state of accelerated learning where you can take in enormous amounts of information, your pattern recognition skills go through the roof, lateral thinking skyrockets and you process information at a much faster rate.

Any athlete who has competed at high levels will usually have references for what it is like to be in flow or in the zone. Some state of consciousness they entered on the field where they pulled off some incredible feat, made an impossible shot and then maybe it passed as quickly as it came.

Well, what if you could access flow states any time you wanted, in any context, for as long as you wanted? Just set the intention to be in flow, and you’re there.
What might be possible for you if you had this kind of superpower?
Where do you imagine you would be most eager to use this superpower first?

Half Day Intensive format:

2 hours | 1 hour break | 2 hours

30 min follow up coaching call 2 weeks later

Fee: $695.00

Location: 6 Roper St, Moorabbin


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What do FLOW coaching clients have to say?

Erica Stupka

I tell you what my focus on the day was next level. A few friends that came to watch said I looked so focused every time I came to lift.  Thank you again for your teachings!

Bhavana Nissima

Amy is a brilliant coach - from how she frames her sessions to how she makes learning bewilderingly easy. I use HPS/ Flow State regularly for my work and have scaled up phenomenally. There are full days when I am in flow. No second thoughts, no doubts, no effort.

She is also a coach with whom I felt and emerged Whole. My sessions with her were milestone moments in my inner journey and transformed my approach to change work.

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