2 DAY NLP WORKSHOP  for Meditation and Yoga Facilitators, Facilitators generally, anyone wishing to deepen their personal practice and their ability to artfully guide and lead people's internal experience


Deepening your personal practice and artfully guiding the internal experience of groups and individuals

  • Connect even more deeply with your groups and individuals from all walks of life
  • Communicate effectively with ecological and effortless influence
  • Read people more accurately without making stuff up
  • Artfully guide yourself and others into deeper states of relaxation and bliss
  • Create rich, vivid and meaningful inner journeys for each individual in the group at the same time

Amy Bell, WOW, WOW, WOW. Thank you for your time, knowledge and passion. I had fun and found joy had eluded me for quite some time! Again I say thank you and hope to again enjoy your enlightening and fun filled tuition.

Dale Maggs, Tasmania Dale Maggs, Tasmania

2019 Dates




  • Saturday 12th Sunday 13th October
  • Sat 1:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Sun 9:00am - 6:00pm


Location: Garden of Yoga, 10 Separation Street, Northcote VIC 3070






All bookings for this event will be taken via the booking system at

Spaces are limited so please book now to avoid missing out

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What do Amy's participants have to say?

Alvaro Gomez

Thanks for a fantastic weekend full of meaningful experiences, colourful insights and TASTY learnings! THRIVE has certainly equipped me with a kit of valuable tools needed to generate change and reach the state where I want to be at all levels. Thanks Amy, love your work and the energy you transmit.

Kate Austen

Amy Bell is authentic and a sensational trainer. The results of her personal application of this stuff blows my mind