[Ebook] Becoming A Super Learner – By Amy Bell


Learn how to get ridiculously good at just about anything, fast.

This 53-page book is all about how to get you ridiculously good at just about anything, FAST by cultivating the behaviours, attitudes, skills, beliefs and strategies of a Super Learner so that you can level up faster, you can avoid the traps of learning that slow us down unnecessarily.

With my Deep Practise Method level up in minutes what you might otherwise achieve in a whole month of regular practice.

This is something that applies to learning just about anything – somatic skills, language, music skills and more.

And if you’re a coach or a trainer this is something that is going to allow you to not only get the most out of yourself but the best out of your people.

My interest in SuperLearning began with irritation, a series of questions I simply had to find the answers to, and a personal desire to be exceptional at what I do.

I became an NLP Trainer via a self directed, in depth apprenticeship with a masterful, well renowned mentor over about 6 years. Throughout that time, I observed a lot of groups of students and I noticed some things that bothered me.

Some students practised. Some students didn’t. Some groups practised. Some groups didn’t. There was a huge difference in results achieved largely related to the level of practise the group collectively engaged in outside the context of the training. I could see so much wasted potential and it bothered me.

As I started running my own NLP Training programs, I wanted to turn my training room into a Talent Hot Bed.

A talent hot bed is an academy or institution that consistently produces a high volume of talent. Talent Hot Beds exist around the world from sports institutions that consistently produce world class athletes to music academies who consistently produce a large number of award winning recording artists.

From here I started asking myself a whole range of questions like :

  • “How do you people get good at stuff?”
  • “As a trainer, how do I get my people really good at stuff?”
  • “How do I turn my training room into a talent hot bed?”

Which led me to ask a whole range of other questions that have guided my exploration.

  • “How do I get people to practise?”
  • “How do I get people to take action?”
  • “How do I get people to take action consistently?”
  • “How do I grow and nurture talent?”
  • “What are some of the common patterns among not only people who get really good at stuff but coaches, teachers and trainers who are able to get people really good at stuff?”
  • “What’s the difference that makes the difference here?”

As a result of exploring these questions and integrating my discoveries with my coaching and training I’ve discovered I am able to get people really good a lot faster and that is exciting to me.

And what’s equally as exciting is sharing these discoveries and this methodology with you because I know it’s going to make a significant difference to you and if you’re a coach or a trainer, the people you work with too.


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