Face to Face, 2 Day SuperYou Intensive with Amy at the divine Hepburn Springs

1:1 OR 1:4 | 2 Day Intensive with Amy Bell at Hepburn Springs

Letting go of the selves that are no longer needed and embodying the new, SuperYou selves for improved performance in relationships, career or business.

Who we think we are and who we think we are not, dictates the way we show up in a variety of contexts in our lives and consequently, the results we get in relationships, career and business. Sometimes we need to let go of historical selves we have outgrown or no longer need in order to embody a new self that can take us where we want to go and get the results we seek.

Once your application has been approved, Amy will connect with you for an in depth call to identify what's not working your SuperYou goals.  With this information Amy will begin design a program for you to tap into and embody the SuperYou.

Day 1 - Enjoy a day of deep insight and transformation, blended with relaxation and pampering at the luxurious Hepburn Springs. This process allows you to soften the grip on  your existing sense of self to allow a new SuperYou to emerge easily and effortlessly. (Includes facilitated ice bath emersion process)

Day 2 - A process of deep transformation as you create and embody a new SuperYou to serve you in creating the results you desire in your life.

A tailored individual or group of 4 experience - by application only.

1 night stay at the luxurious Hepburn Springs accommodation

Full access to Hepburn Springs traditional water therapies and wellbeing spa treatments, regional tasting platter, replenishing massage or facial (additional treatments available)

by application only, contact me to express your interest and receive an application form amy@amybell.com.au

Hi, I'm Amy

I train, facilitate and coach a range of people from business owners and managers to health and wellbeing practitioners, creators and consultants, teachers and coaches to get the best out of themselves and the people around them and become exceptional and ultimately, super successful at what they do.

Often this involves facilitating deep transformational learning and change where people develop depth of skill, let go of anything not serving them and begin to master the art of change and being.  At the end of the day it’s what we do and who we are that gets us the results we’re getting in the world.

As a result, my people become intention driven, intuitive, fluid, flexible and adaptable. Able to problem solve and find solutions on the fly and respond to life’s challenges with unwavering calm and resourcefulness. They become authentic, congruent, richer expressions of themselves that people are drawn to and develop profound abilities to shape and influence the world around them.

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Magida Ezzat

Marketing Whizz & Entrepreneur Coach

When it comes to mindset training and NLP Amy Bell is the REAL DEAL. I'm so grateful to have found her and cannot even begin to describe how my life has changed in one short year. She also attracts the best people into her circle, I finally feel like I've found my people and my home. Thank you for all that you are Amy.

Alvaro Gomez

Trainer / Consultant

Thanks for a fantastic weekend full of meaningful experiences, colourful insights and TASTY learnings! THRIVE has certainly equipped me with a kit of valuable tools needed to generate change and reach the state where I want to be at all levels. Thanks Amy, love your work and the energy you transmit.

Kate Austen

Nurse & Coach

Amy Bell is authentic and a sensational trainer. The results of her personal application of this stuff blows my mind