Relax easily and effortlessly with this one simple tip


Often the smallest, simplest things can have such a huge effect. Last week I picked up this dead simple tip from my friend Dan Moore, The Manly Osteopath who is creating some sensational changes in people's lives through his breathing and posture work. We all know we can use our breathing as a means to relax but have you tried this way? As an alternative to focusing on your breathing, simply imagine breathing in the scent of your favourite flower, an ocean breeze, rain even lemon meringue pie (!) or whatever it is that you enjoy. This shifts the focus from concentrating and sort of mechanically forcing your body to breathe, into a more familiar, natural and enjoyable way. Go on, try it. Notice how easy and relaxing this way of breathing is. You get that yummy scent on the in inhale and body melts on the exhale. And you can do this anywhere, anytime you need to.

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