Day 3

Traps & Barriers To Learning Day Three

Watch the video

Barrier #3: The Trap Of Success

Watch this video to learn how the trap of success prevents further learning and the one question to ask to overcome this barrier. 

Next steps

Apply the knowledge

Self Inquiry: Reflect on a skill you’ve learned and notice where you might be robbing yourself of the opportunity to master aspects as a result of feeling complete or having achieved a certain level of competency or success.

Next time: Notice the desire to come to completion quickly, and ask yourself “how can I improve on this in ways I haven’t considered until now? Who is an expert I can ask for feedback on ways to level up and refine my skills?

Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you how the desire to be awesome can hold you back from being a Super Learner and what you can to instead. Stay tuned for my next email!

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