A Quick Guide to Becoming a Super Learner.

Learn how to get ridiculously good at just about anything, FAST by cultivating the behaviours, attitudes, skills, beliefs and strategies of a Super Learner.

This book will help you level up faster so you can avoid the traps of learning that slow us down unnecessarily. You’ll learn my Deep Practice Method to level up in minutes what you might otherwise achieve in a whole month of regular practice.

This applies to learning just about anything – somatic or physical skills, language, music skills and more.

And if you’re a coach or a trainer, this is something that is going to allow you to not only get the most out of yourself but the best out of your people.

Imagine what we can do in the world when we can all learn better, faster and become exceptional at what we do.

– Amy Bell

Reviews From Readers

Why learn anything without learning this first? This book changes minds. I know because it’s done it to mine, more than once. I recently re-read it because my first read through made my head spin, in a good way. The writing is clear and the ideas seem so obvious, until you realise that’s not how you do things and now your brain feels funny. This is a short book, which is a mark of its elegance. Amy is a master of her craft and there’s a lot of wisdom here. A book this rich should either be dense or long, or both. Somehow, it’s a short, easy read that makes you constantly stop to rethink things. It’s good. After you read it, you’ll be good too.”

– Kindle reader

Easy to read and apply for awesome results – This was an easy to read and apply guide to learning and gave me lots of new ways to think about learning and actually put it into practice, including how to get out of my own way, and how to engage all the ways to learn, including confusion (mind blown!). I’m looking forward to sharing this with my kids so they don’t need to wait so long to become superlearners!”

– Mary-Jo Bevin

“Jam packed with practical steps to develop SKILLS not just knowledge – Fantastic resource! Concise and jam-packed with useful, practical steps to become a faster and deeper learner. Learning that actually really STICKS, integrating and developing SKILLS not just knowledge. Feel invigorated, inspired and empowered to go back to some books and e-courses that I started with the best of intentions but what I learnt never managed to quite 100% flow through to my daily life.”

– Angela


The journey of learning can be filled with ups and downs

Many learners start with excitement and enthusiasm for their new challenge, but as they encounter setbacks and obstacles, they may begin to feel discouraged or overwhelmed.

At times, learners may feel like giving up, thinking:

…this is too hard…

…I’m not cut out for this…

…there must be something wrong with me…

or, why am I even doing this?

They may also struggle with comparing themselves to others or fearing failure, which can get in the way of the learning process.  

Amy Bell writing on a desk coaching

But what if there was a way to make the learning journey smoother, more efficient AND more enjoyable?

That’s where the Quick Guide to Becoming a Super Learner comes in.

This guide is not just for learners, but also for parents, coaches and trainers who are committed to helping others learn and grow.

Parents, coaches and trainers play a vital role in helping students achieve their goals and grow into more expansive versions of themselves.

By incorporating the mindset, habits, and techniques of super learners into coaching and training sessions, you can help your children or students make progress more efficiently and effectively.

This guide can be a valuable tool for helping yourself, your kids or clients and students make the kind of progress in minutes that might otherwise take months while achieving breakthroughs and building confidence in abilities.

Whether you’re learning a new language, mastering a physical skill, or simply trying to improve in any area of your life, this guide has something for you.

Imagine what we can do in the world when we can all learn better, faster and become truly exceptional at what we do.

"This book will be incredibly valuable for anyone in sales, leadership or coaching"

– Wes Lucas, Coach

“I have always loved learning. I enjoy the process of integrating new skills and information. But I’ve noticed something has been missing – A lack of confidence that what I’m learning will actually be applied. 

I may enjoy receiving the information, but I’m never really sure that it will turn into applicable skills and new behaviours. So I’ve been a little discouraged and unmotivated about new classes and books.

But then I found “Becoming a Super-Learner” and things changed. 

Amy Bell perfectly delivers the missing piece, with a simple and precise formula to learn and improve skills. This easy-to-read book gave me a fresh perspective and new motivation to build skills that I’d been putting off or completely given up on. I now know how to implement the learnings quickly and effectively.

The most powerful part of the book is the Ignition section, which describes the importance of tying your learning to clear outcomes. By having a clear idea of how what you’re learning will be applied, and the impact it will make, the mind immediately begins to apply it.

I also found the Deep Practice section useful. By clarifying what actions to take to really integrate the learnings, and to turn it into solid skills, I know exactly what to do AFTER the class or book.

This book will be incredibly valuable for anyone in sales or leadership – These groups are often told what to do, but are given little guidance on how to build those strategies in their practice. I’d also highly recommend this for coaches – Not only to develop your own skills more effectively, but to teach this to your clients!

You won’t find another resource for learning that is this simple AND powerful!”

– Wes Lucas, Coach

Meet the author

Hi, I'm Amy Bell

I help people to live a life without limits, to make a meaningful impact and become successful and exceptional at what they do.

I’m an NLP Trainer, Coach and Mum to an American staffy girl pup called Snoop, 2 cats, a Devon Rex ginger boy named Eddie and a British shorthair kitten named Luna who breaks the internet with her hilarity and cuteness.

For close to a decade I have been exploring, learning and experimenting with NLP and much much more.

I’ve trained extensively in both Australia and Europe with some of the worlds most acclaimed NLP Trainers including James Tsakalos, Marvin Oka and Dr Christina Hall while also training in Warm Data under Nora Bateson of the Bateson Institute and Authentic Relating under Ryel Kestano and Rick Smith, all of whom have shaped my approach to training, learning and systemic change.

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