1:1 Coaching With Amy Bell

For people who want to be exceptional at what they do and develop extraordinary ways of being.

Is this for you?

I coach people who want to be exceptional at what they do. 

They perform better, get better results faster, and they get the kind of edge that other people dream of. They become exceptional at what they do AND they become the most connected, aligned and expansive versions of themselves.

I LOVE working with rising stars and people who want to 

  • play a bigger game (even though they feel scared, doubt themselves, experience insecurities)
  • develop themselves as leaders or agents of change on a mission for good
  • share their expertise, knowledge and skills powerfully and effectively for the benefit of others and 
  • be damn good at what they do.

You just need to be up for accelerated growth, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, being challenged, provoked, nurtured, championed and loved fiercely every step of the way. 

If the idea of not working with me feels constricted or stifling and the idea of working with me feels open and expansive, then let’s talk.

Due to the intensive way I work with people, I don’t do casual one off coaching sessions for new clients, and I have limited spaces.

(If you’re seeking an nlp practitioner to help with anxiety, phobias, addictions etc feel free to contact me for a referral to my world class colleagues)

I have two types of coaching:

  • Training, coaching and mentoring for coaches and trainers. Includes coaching program and training design consulting.
  • Deep developmental performance and relational coaching for business owners and leaders and rising stars.
I’m opening up spots for 2023 now and applications will be closing soon… email me [email protected] or click “APPLY NOW” to schedule a call.
"There are only a handful of NLP trainers in the world I would recommend as highly as I recommend Amy Bell. She knows her stuff inside out, she has mad skills, she leads by example, and she leads from the heart."
James Tsakalos
World-Renowned NLP Trainer
meet your Coach

Hi! I'm Amy Bell 👋

I develop leaders, business owners, practitioners, creators and consultants, teachers and coaches to get the best out of themselves and the people around them and become exceptional and ultimately, super successful at what they do.

Often this involves facilitating deep transformational learning and change where people develop depth of skill, let go of anything not serving them and begin to master the art of change and being.  At the end of the day it’s what we do and who we are that gets us the results we’re getting in the world.

As a result, my people become intention driven, intuitive, fluid, flexible and adaptable. Able to problem solve and find solutions on the fly and respond to life’s challenges with unwavering calm and resourcefulness. They become authentic, congruent, richer expressions of themselves that people are drawn to and develop profound abilities to shape and influence the world around them.

"I attended Amy's NLP practitioner training this year and I have to say it was one of the most practically useful, enjoyable and inspiring courses I have attended in a long time. The skills gained have elevated my professional skills and business success, whilst simultaneously helping improve my relationships with my peers, friends and family. Thank you!
Sheena Vaughan
NLP Practitioner
NLP Training

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