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4 sesh coaching pack $900AU (4 x 1 hour phone/zoom coaching sessions -  usually $1580AU)  8 available
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4 month mentoring $900AU (8 x half hour, fortnightly phone/zoom sessions for coaches, nlp practitioners and agents of change usually $1580AU) 2 Available
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Due to the intensive way I work with people, there is a limit to the number of casual or one off client bookings available in any given week, however, please feel free to get in touch and ask. If I don't currently have space for you I can recommend exceptional people in this field who will be able to help you with your outcomes.

What do Amy's clients have to say?

Michael Love

This stuff is freaking me out! Is anything NOT possible??

Bhavana Nissima

Amy is a brilliant coach - from how she frames her sessions to how she makes learning bewilderingly easy. I use HPS/ Flow State regularly for my work and have scaled up phenomenally. There are full days when I am in flow. No second thoughts, no doubts, no effort.

She is also a coach with whom I felt and emerged Whole. My sessions with her were milestone moments in my inner journey and transformed my approach to change work.

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