Experiences from people that have joined my NLP & coaching programs.
"There are only a handful of NLP trainers in the world I would recommend as highly as I recommend Amy Bell. She knows her stuff inside out, she has mad skills, she leads by example, and she leads from the heart."
James Tsakalos
World-Renowned NLP Trainer
"Amy Bell is a deeply insightful, skilled, wise and approachable trainer. Amy assisted at my 2018 Melbourne GeniusMapping training, where she demonstrated not only impressively fast integration and application, but also a gift for helping students overcome blocks and gain mastery."
Jonathan Altfeld
Creator of GeniusMapping
"When it comes to mindset training and NLP Amy Bell is the REAL DEAL. I'm so grateful to have found her and cannot even begin to describe how my life has changed in one short year."
Magida Ezzat
Trauma Coach
"I attended Amy's NLP practitioner training this year and I have to say it was one of the most practically useful, enjoyable and inspiring courses I have attended in a long time. The skills gained have elevated my professional skills and business success, whilst simultaneously helping improve my relationships with my peers, friends and family. Thank you!"
Dr Sheena Vaughan
TCM Practitioner
"I found our session truly magical and educational on a deep level. Thank you for encouraging me to discover that I can help myself and that I've got a lot of the answers I'm seeking inside myself."
Alexander Chaitanya
Corporate Trainer & Steiner Teacher
"Amy is a brilliant coach - from how she frames her sessions to how she makes learning bewilderingly easy. I use HPS/ Flow State regularly for my work and have scaled up phenomenally. There are full days when I am in flow. No second thoughts, no doubts, no effort. She is also a coach with whom I felt and emerged Whole. My sessions with her were milestone moments in my inner journey and transformed my approach to change work.."
Bhavana Nissima
Writer / NLP Trainer
"Amy Bell is authentic and a sensational trainer. The results of her personal application of this stuff blows my mind."
Kate Austen
Nurse & Coach
"This stuff is freaking me out! Is anything NOT possible??"
Michael Love
Director of Love Real Estate
"Amy Bell, WOW, WOW, WOW. Thank you for your time, knowledge and passion. I had fun and found joy had eluded me for quite some time! Again I say thank you and hope to again enjoy your enlightening and fun filled tuition."
Dale Maggs
Massage Therapist, Emmet & NLP Practitioner

This work isn’t for the faint-hearted but I felt in very safe and capable hands with Amy skillfully guiding us through this profoundly powerful system that helps one examine and understand oneself better. She invited us to delve in as much as we felt comfortable doing, and helped us learn to recognise our own indicators of what that is.

The learning was well-paced, with a lot of information as well as practical exercises to dive deeper and actually apply what we were discovering. As always with Amy’s training, this isn’t just intellectual learning - we experienced how quick and powerful these tools are in real life.

These are really powerful tools of self-awareness, and what has been most profound for me is this framework has allowed me to probe further with deeper levels of self-compassion. In this way, it’s been a missing link from my personal development of many years.

I went from 40% bookings capacity to 75% within a week of doing your NLP Essentials Introductory Course. We went into lockdown shortly after and the skills you gave me also helped me to confidently transport my skills to Telehealth Consultations which would have freaked me out in the past.
Dr Zoe Rankin
Chinese Medicine Practitioner
The NLP Essentials weekend changed my outlook on life. I attended during May 2021, and I have shifted my thinking, and have taken massive action on goals I set ages ago. These steps are transforming not just my life, but those I can serve. Amy knows her stuff......period.
Craig Jacobs

"Yesterday I finished my 19 day NLP practitioner training with the amazingly talented Amy Bell, and this group of truly fabulous people. What a ride!

I’ve learned how to facilitate some very cool changes in others and myself - shifting unhelpful or unwanted beliefs, behaviors, emotional responses and life-strategies. I’ve learned how to hypnotize others and myself! Plus some super cool skills to be able to read people (without mind reading or making stuff up). I’ve even learned how to learn better and faster.

I’ve been using these skills with my patients for the past few months and have found it has helped to get all kinds of better outcomes for my patients, including helping to keep them calm through stressful times, helping people to create better habits around their health, I’ve even been able to use my hypnosis skills for pain relief. So many examples of where it’s been helpful in my life in such a short period of time.

If you’ve ever been curious about ways to learn or improve on even one of these things I mentioned above, I invite you to check out Amy’s NLP practitioner training.

There are cheaper, shorter, NLP “crash” courses out there, but honestly - go for the REAL DEAL and learn it in a way that you’ll be able to truly master these skills.

If you work with people, or interact with people in your daily life, if you have a partner, or kids, or a family, or if you are interested in making an impact in the world - or any combination of the above - you will get benefit from doing NLP training."

Dr. Clare Pyers
Director and Senior Practitioner
NLP Training

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