Recorded Live MASTERCLASS for Course Creators: Breathing ALIVENESS into courses


Make your learning experiences visceral, powerful, memorable and create a ripple effect of change for your clients, even if you’ve never learned the art of training.

So often, coaches and experts go from little to no experience with teaching, perhaps from 1:1 or group coaching settings to offering courses without any real support to help them make the transition from coaching to training. 

A lot of people think teaching is just about having a lesson plan and sharing content and information. But here’s the thing, very little real learning occurs if we just share information and don’t get the whole body involved.

There’s a huge difference between ‘presenting’ and ‘training’.

‘Presenting’ is its own skill set for sharing information and ideas. Think TED talks.

‘Training’ is about transferring skill through interaction. It’s about ‘doing‘.

Transferring real knowledge, skill and expertise is an art. And what and how to do it so that it results in moving people in transformative ways isn’t always obvious.

A few good frameworks for training design and delivery can be the difference between not only success and lacklustre results, but how much you and your people enjoy and feel invigorated by the process.

After spending years learning the art of training from some of the most world’s most renowned trainers and researching and attending workshops with teachers who were amazing in spite of the fact they didn’t always have good trainer foundations, I have developed my own model for breathing ALIVENESS into courses and I’m going to share it with you.

“That was such a great workshop Amy, definitely left me with questions and inspiration fizzing around!”


“I’m excited, realised that what I thought I should be presenting isn’t what I’m really excited about”


“I came away from the workshop completely buzzing with the possibilities…Climate science can be quite complex and difficult to communicate and what you shared made me reflect on the trainings I’ve been participating in as a co-facilitator and how we can connect with people in a more powerful and alive way and inject some aliveness and activism into the space! I’ve just got off a call with someone in our talks team, sharing what I learned with you and they totally got it. I have found it really, really powerful.”


“the big thing that has shifted for me is intention, intention before creating…I think through the years that got a bit lost.”



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