2024 Out of the Ordinary

2 days of Embodied NLP Essential skills, Coaching & Leadership skills for extraordinary results in life, business and relationships

Small, intimate group. Limited Spaces. Direct access to Amy and personal facilitation. This course often sells out within hours. Early Bird Rate finishing soon. Book NOW

Ready to begin the Process of Learning NLP?

Do you experience misunderstandings, confusion and struggle to get your point across quickly and effectively?

Do people sometimes take things the wrong way or feel upset with the way you communicated something?

Do you wish you could get more people to take on your ideas and suggestions? Communication is challenging! And it underpins so much of the results we are able to achieve in the world which makes it essential.

Now, NLP isn’t just about communication,  it’s the difference that makes the difference between average and exceptional results. When you take soft skills and apply them to hard skills, you get better tangible results.

When you sample people around the world who have achieved extraordinary things, what a lot of them have in common is, NLP.

People like Oprah and Jimmy Carr, even Katy Perry,  attribute their success to learning these incredible skills.

Step inside the world of NLP with me for 2 days and develop some sensational real world skills for learning, change and success as we explore the inner workings of human beings and patterns in human behaviour.

When you learn how to human on purpose, you can achieve the extraordinary. 

Here’s what you’ll experience as a result of attending the Out of the Ordinary  training:

And more…

Who is this for?

This course is for both agents of change and people who want to be exceptional at whatever is that they do –  from their professional ambitions to personal life goals, parenting to partnering. If you care about improvement and the results you get for yourself and for others and the difference you can make in the world, then this is a great place to begin.  

Some people are already a little way down the path and are ready to sign up for the full NLP Practitioner program from the get go. They know what they want and that Prac is the best fit pathway to get there. But there are other people who are just starting out or want to get some experiential references for what the hell this NLP stuff is all about before committing to spending a few months with me developing their NLP skills. The intro weekend gives these folk a great opportunity to get know me and NLP much better while also getting some sensational skills and embodied learning to move them closer to their outcomes and see how NLP can help them even further beyond the intro weekend.

If you’re a coach, leader, mentor, people helper, counsellor, health & fitness  or wellness practitioner, business owner, manager or someone who wants to be those things, then my NLP training offers are for you, it’s just a matter of where you would like to begin with me… dip your toe in the water or dive in and go deep. 

"There are only a handful of NLP trainers in the world I would recommend as highly as I recommend Amy Bell. She knows her stuff inside out, she has mad skills, she leads by example, and she leads from the heart."
James Tsakalos
World-Renowned NLP Trainer
meet your trainer

Hi! I'm Amy Bell 👋

NLP Trainer, Coach and Mum to Snoop – a Blue Staffy girl pup,  Eddie – a ginger Devon Rex cat and Luna –  a super cool British Shorthair cat .

I help people to master the art of change, embody extraordinary ways of being and become exceptional at what they do.

For close to 15 years I have been exploring, learning and experimenting with NLP. I’ve trained extensively in both Australia and Europe with some of the worlds most acclaimed NLP Trainers including James Tsakalos, Marvin Oka and Dr Christina Hall while also training in Warm Data under Nora Bateson of the Bateson Institute and Authentic Relating under Ryel Kestano and Rick Smith, all of whom have shaped my approach to training, learning and systemic change. 

Dates & Pricing

Small intimate group. Limited spaces. Sells out within hours. 





"I learned more in one day with you than my entire previous NLP Practitioner course. "
NLP Essentials Participant
"Far out I was hooked and engaged more than I ever have been and learn soooooo much in one day - with minimal notes. Usually it's the other way round! I also have something tangible to hold onto and practice going forward. Thank you again. I'm so bloody grateful and having a happy teary morning""
NLP Essentials Participant
"I attended Amy's NLP practitioner training this year and I have to say it was one of the most practically useful, enjoyable and inspiring courses I have attended in a long time. The skills gained have elevated my professional skills and business success, whilst simultaneously helping improve my relationships with my peers, friends and family. Thank you!"
Dr Sheena Vaughan
TCM Practitioner & Owner Qi Medicine


The location of the training room is:

Amy Bell NLP | Level 2 | Suite 3 & 4 10a Atherton Rd, Oakleigh VIC

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At this stage it is recommended but not a prerequisite for the NLP Practitioner Course.

The Out of the Ordinary NLP Course course gives people an opportunity to get a sense of me and the style of the training to ensure we’re a great fit, while they also begin to discover what this NLP stuff is all about and develop some highly valuable, immediately applicable NLP skills in the process.

It’s also a great place to begin learning NLP while you’re waiting for  the next NLP Practitioner course to begin.

Apply Now for August

6 months, 22 days in 6 chunks of 3 or 5 days at a time, over  PLUS 24 hours of logged practice making this a 200 hour PLUS training program

Because the label NLP Practitioner is used as a blanket term to describe a variety of wildly different NLP Courses. Confusing huh? Some NLP courses teach you about NLP and are more information, content  and often script/technique based that can be delivered in shorter time frames, but aren’t really that different from a learning perspective, from what you might get from reading a book.

Some courses facilitate insight. Some facilitate insight that leads to change. Some courses give you techniques to create change, but not necessarily the skills to facilitate those techniques effectively. Many courses will boast accelerated learning methods, few courses will actually teach you how to accelerate your own learning.  

This program is Embodied NLP skills, process and principles based and that level of learning, takes a little longer. A bigger investment of time to learn this way upfront, leads to embodiment and integration of your NLP skills and far greater results and accelerated learning long term. You will experience and facilitate insight that leads to change. You will develop the skills to facilitate powerful change at a process level with a deep understanding of what you’re doing and how it works. You will become a Super Learner and a World Class Facilitator. And much, much more.

The price of the Limitless: NLP Prac program is $8995, Early Bird is $7995

Flexible payment plans are available with a deposit, at not extra cost

Let me know when you enquire and we’ll work out a plan that suits you.

I train at the level of process, not content and train at a high level of skill, learning and embodied understanding. When you train at this level of learning, there are only a handful of things from NLP that translate well online. If I was willing to teach NLP in the form of content and information then I could “teach” online but you would basically be getting the equivalent of what you could get from reading a book about NLP, perhaps in a more engaging way. This is not training, this is just presenting information. But information about NLP will not give you NLP skills or embodied understanding. You don’t learn about NLP with me you learn NLP. So it’s in your muscles and in your bones. So you don’t need scripts or techniques, or to look things up in a manual. It’s fully integrated so your skills just happen easily and effortlessly in any context, in any interaction, in any conversation, in any moment you need them. Reading about things does not mean you can do them. And what often happens in my industry when people are taught about NLP is they end up utterly overwhelmed with information that they have no way of making sense of or applying in a practical way. In fact 25 – 30% of my students come to me after they have invested time and money at training providers who gave them information and certification but did not deliver the NLP skills they were promised. So I’m quite passionate about teaching face to face, comprehensive NLP courses. I’m passionate about the results I get for my people and doing NLP justice. I’m passionate about signing people off as NLP Practitioners not because they have “completed” a course but because they have demonstrated they can effect change in the world with ecology. I can see the negative impact that teaching crash courses and online courses is having on my industry and it’s not ok. 

If you’re employed, it can be helpful to share the benefits to your employer. Here’s a handy PDF that will help to articulate what’s in the course and the skills you’ll gain.

Download: Benefits of NLP for your organisation.

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