Are you still puzzling over your purpose?

We can get stuck on the big questions “what’s my purpose?” and wanting everything to be clear and perfectly understood before acting.

What’s my purpose? Presupposes a single function, a single meaning. It sounds like a destination.

But purpose is path.

A pathway, sometimes a network of pathways, not an object or a destination.

Some people see the pathways clearly. They have it all mapped out. They see it all, or a lot, in advance, and early in life. But they’re rare.

More often, purpose is unfolding and emergent, like an unfurling frond, or a winding, meandering road.

Sometimes we just get a sense of it. Just enough to take the next few steps.

If you imagine the invention or discovery of fire, maybe some cave people creating a spark, totally by accident and then realising they can replicate it. They wouldn’t have known the purpose of fire in that moment. Maybe they started with something like a torch to illuminate the darkness or perhaps to provide warmth? And then things evolved, more discoveries were made, other uses…. maybe feeding the tribe, creating charcoal to draw with… looking back across history now, we can see and understand all the ways fire is useful and how the way we use it has evolved with the emergence of other technologies like gas stoves and space rockets!

But here’s no way the caveman could have had the understanding or foresight to see a fire as the ignition required for space travel.

I do wonder sometimes if some things remain hidden and some are revealed at just the right time so we don’t fuck it all up.

Perhaps we wouldn’t even believe ourselves capable if we knew where our sense of purpose was taking us.

I know so many of you feel stuck on “what’s MY thing?!”

And you look around at other people who are absolutely electric with purpose and think “I want that too”

You can’t force it to appear. You can’t demand it into awareness.

You can’t take a test or take a heady analytical or logical approach to a matter of the heart and body intelligence.

But it’s in there…

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