The Art of Balance – Lesson 3

We live in an exciting, fast paced world with an abundance of places to visit, activities, interests and career opportunities to pursue, families to take care of, relationships to enjoy, communities to connect with, goals to achieve and commitments and obligations to uphold. Sometimes it can seem like there’s just too many balls in the air…

Meet World Class Juggler – Josh Horton

Josh Horton

Josh is a gold medalist in the world championships of juggling. He’s been featured on ELLEN, Steve Harvey, and ESPN. Based in Dallas, TX, Josh is constantly travelling for shows and video shoots which are not only jaw dropping but entertaining and funny.

So what wisdom can Juggling Josh share with us to help us achieve balance in life and help us in the process of juggling life’s busy demands.

Josh says “one counterintuitive thought most people have about “juggling” is the idea of someone struggling to keep things up in the air, the more objects, the crazier the body movement pattern, like in the cartoons. When in reality, you can’t juggle 7 balls (for very long) without having perfect form. It’s very easy to juggle 3 balls for 50 catches while wandering all over the place and having bad form. But that’s almost impossible with high number juggling. It requires almost perfect throws and catches over and over again otherwise you’ll drop! No room for error!’

The most important things in juggling:

  1. Perfect form
  2. Not getting frustrated with yourself
  3. Lots of practice!

So what does perfect form mean and how does this translate in the art of balance? Perfect execution, timing and rhythm. Minimal movements and efficiencies, precision and results.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned from the skill of juggling is to not try something you aren’t ready for. If you do, it can make you develop bad habits and have poor form. Move on to something when you’re ready for it. I think this applies to many things in life.” Josh Horton – World Class Juggler

If you feel like you have too many balls in the air this may mean stripping things back to  assess how well you are juggling the basics without over extending or exerting yourself or putting stress or strain on the systems you operate within, whether this is the body you live in, the family or household you live in, your place of work or even your finances.

Look for ways that you can move through your activities and commitments with greater efficiency and toss out anything in your life that doesn’t serve you or give you joy.

Start small and slowly introduce additional “balls” one at a time, noticing the effect with each addition and your ability to maintain good form. Question yourself before you say yes and practice saying no while you perfect your form.

I’m reminded right now of the saying “slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” Don’t take on too much too soon and pace yourself and you could end up juggling more “balls” more easily than ever. Josh receives the comment “you make it look so easy” way more than “that looks impossible!”

Follow juggling Josh on Facebook to check out his incredible, trick shot and juggling videos.

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