You may be wondering how we're impacted by COVID -19?

I am no longer offering real world coaching sessions. I've been coaching on zoom and over the phone for years, serving clients all over the world, including Thailand, USA, India and UK and it makes no difference to our interactions or the results we get together. In fact, phone calls are my preferred format for coaching.


If you live outside of Melbourne, Australia you now have many more opportunities to train with me online, except when it comes to attending my NLP Practitioner Program. You need to be able to physically attend my NLP Practitioner Training here in Melbourne.

If you can attend in Melbourne, here's what you need to know -  I've gone FULL HYBRID with my NLP Practitioner Programs for 2021.... what does that mean?

It means continuing to move forward. Movement is life and right now it is important for us to keep moving forward wherever we can, however we can. This has been my motto throughout the pandemic and it has served me and my community well.

It means nothing can stop us. Not even the strictest lockdown in the world. Nope, not even a global pandemic.

It means being creative, flexible and committed. Two defining characteristics of a world class NLP Practitioner are flexibility and tenacity. 

Let me be straight up with you. NLP Practitioner Training needs to be experienced live, face to face in the real world to be done well and to a standard I would be satisfied with.

I would never deliver an entire NLP Practitioner Program solely online.

What a FULL HYBRID offering gives us is the flexibility to shift online temporarily if at any time, lockdown restrictions prevent us from gathering in the real world. I have been doing this throughout 2020 and this format is working exceptionally well.

Training on Zoom takes longer, roughly twice as long as face to face in the real world. There are some things that translate well online and some things that don't. There are some things that are lost online, and some things that are gained. I have well informed and embodied knowledge of what these things are and I will never compromise the integrity of the programs and standards of training that I provide. This means, in the event of switching to online facilitation, there may be additional days added to the program (at no extra charge) to ensure nothing is lost and you continue to receive the learning experience and skill development I am known for.

What I deliver online is still a highly embodied and interactive experience, you learn through discovery exercises and experimentation.

Even pre-pandemic, my programs require participants to take what they learn and test and apply their skills in the world between chunks so that we can troubleshoot, workshop and refine them as we move through the course. My students practise like crazy. This requirement is even more important with the FULL HYBRID format.

Everything is facilitated live, whether on zoom or in the world and I still train small, intimate groups so I can still provide the hands on approach I enjoy that ensures you get the most value out of our time together.

My students repeatedly express that this program is what has kept them going mentally and emotionally throughout extreme lockdown conditions.  They experience a sense of progress, sensational skill development and deep human connection.

If you can roll with the possibility of changing conditions, please join us. We'd love to have you be part of the journey with us.

Raves for Amy

James Tsakalos

NLP Innovator, Trainer & Modeller

Amy Bell is quickly emerging as a passionate and inspiring leader in her field who brings deep expertise, fresh insight and genuine heart to the teaching of NLP

Having spent close to a decade studying with and synthesizing the approaches of several of the most highly respected, rigorous and innovative NLP trainers in the world, Amy exudes a level of embodied mastery that is light years beyond anything you’ll find among today’s mass produced “instant experts” offering NLP certification in a week or less

But it’s her way of being that really inspires people:  a deep commitment to staying compassionately human while gently but constantly expanding the boundaries of what’s possible with an attitude of undefeatable optimism and endless curiosity

There are only a handful of NLP trainers in the world I would recommend as highly as I recommend Amy Bell.  She knows her stuff inside out, she has mad skills, she leads by example, and she leads from the heart.  What more could you ask for?

Jonathan Altfeld

World renowned NLP Trainer & Creator of Genius Mapping

Amy Bell is a deeply insightful, skilled, wise and approachable trainer. Amy assisted at my 2018 Melbourne GeniusMapping training, where she demonstrated not only impressively fast integration and application, but also a gift for helping students overcome blocks and gain mastery.

Book a free call with me any time to chat about how I can help you with your outcomes, even if you're not 100% clear yet. I can help you gain some clarity and direction.

Magida Ezzat

Marketing Whizz & Entrepreneur Coach

When it comes to mindset training and NLP Amy Bell is the REAL DEAL. I'm so grateful to have found her and cannot even begin to describe how my life has changed in one short year. She also attracts the best people into her circle, I finally feel like I've found my people and my home. Thank you for all that you are Amy.

Alvaro Gomez

Trainer / Consultant

Thanks for a fantastic weekend full of meaningful experiences, colourful insights and TASTY learnings! THRIVE has certainly equipped me with a kit of valuable tools needed to generate change and reach the state where I want to be at all levels. Thanks Amy, love your work and the energy you transmit.

Kate Austen

Nurse & Coach

Amy Bell is authentic and a sensational trainer. The results of her personal application of this stuff blows my mind

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