How to see through the illusion of “triggers” in one simple test

Feeling triggered?

How to see through the illusion of “triggers” in one simple test.

I like to call it The 8 Billion People Test.

If 8 billion people wouldn’t all respond EXACTLY the same way in that situation, it’s not the person or situation, circumstances or outside world conditions making you feel that way. If even one person out of 8 billion might respond a little differently, it’s not the external world MAKING you feel that way… it’s an inside job… it’s you.

It’s the story you’re telling yourself about it, the way you’re focusing your attention and awareness, what you’re noticing, what you’re not noticing, the way you’re representing things, storing things, coding and organising things in your neurology and physiology, and the good news is, if it’s something you’re doing… (even though you might be doing it all largely unconsciously).

You can change.

With a little know how and guidance, you can change all those internal processes involved with keeping that trigger in place, in just minutes, sometimes seconds with NLP. 

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