I rarely talk about this…

I rarely talk about this. 

I guess we prefer to forget and hide things we feel a bit shameful about and I’m mindful some people might feel hurt by sharing this.

Back in 2008 I attended a short NLP course, that certified me to work 1:1 as a coach and gave me essentially ‘ a business in a box’. I really liked the trainers (which makes this next bit hard to say)

thought  the course and this NLP stuff was amazing… until…

I set up my own business as a coach. I dressed for success in designer dresses and heels. I set up a special coaching space in my home equipped with a beautiful, special coaching chair for my clients. I had all the appearances of a successful coaching business.

And I started trying to put it all into practise. The NLP course had been script based and as much as I tried to practise and improve at facilitating these powerful processes and techniques for transformation, I couldn’t get much of it to work. And because I had no understanding of what I was doing, what the scripts were attempting to do or how things worked, I didn’t even have enough basic understanding to improve via practise.

Essentially, I hadn’t learned to do anything. 

I started questioning… was there something wrong with me? Was there something wrong with the methodology? It was supposed to work, like magic.

I remember watching videos of Jamie Smart  back then, facilitating NLP Practitioner courses on Youtube and he was so elegant and artful. He wasn’t using scripts. What he was doing was magic. And I thought THIS, what I’m doing, is NOT that. And I wondered… what the difference was…

I remember this one client who just refused to move through a particular process. 

It was frustrating, confusing and embarrassing. 

I ended up apologising for not being able to help her, refunded her money and I quit.

I took a huge hit to my self confidence. 

Quite unconsciously, I forgot any ambitions I had and I hid from them, managing a shoe store for 5 years. I felt anxious a lot. I cried a lot. And I was so good at hiding from myself, deceiving myself and staying busy, that when I did slow down, when I had moments of stillness, I felt confused and inexplicably so empty and miserable inside. Why??? I had a nice life. There was nothing I could really complain about. As nice as it was, it was too damn ordinary and just didn’t fit.

When all of that finally got bad enough, which is what usually gets us moving, I’m not sure exactly why I did, but I reached out to NLP for help one more time.

This time I trained under one of the best NLP Trainers in Australia.

This time NLP was magic.

This time I got solid foundations, depth of understanding and mad skills I still draw on effortlessly, every day in a thousand ways.

And I gave this coaching business another go…

And this time, everything was different.

I was recently divorced and had moved into a tiny, humble two room apartment in Elwood. A combined kitchen/dining room and combined living/bedroom setup. I didn’t have the fancy clothes or coaching space this time. I didn’t bother so much with the image of success. In fact, I had pink hair, wore colourful cartoon character leggings and hi-tops and I saw clients either at the small dining table or sitting on the coach directly facing my bed. And none of that mattered. This time I had the inner success. I had skill and competency. I could do magic.

Now, I was still very much a beginner, but I was confident with my training that I could figure anything out and get a good result. And I did.

I still made mistakes and messed up every now and then. But they were mistakes I could learn from, they made me better.

Years later, the clients I saw back then still reach out to me tell me how thankful they are for the time we spent together and how chatting on the sofa facing my bed, in that tiny little apartment made such a powerful difference in their lives.

And here I am now, many years later, making sure you get a magical introduction to NLP and prettifying my coaching and training space because I can, not because I need to.

As we move through the year…

Is there something you’ve given up on? 

Are you forgetting yourself? 

Are you hiding from yourself?

Is it time for something to re-awaken or emerge?

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I’m Amy Bell, NLP Trainer & Coach.

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I’m both intensely curious, and obsessive about my own ongoing development, the creation and delivery of my work and the results I get for my people. 

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