I listened to the loud voices of others and I strayed

In a way I had it figured out at the beginning, but I didn’t know it. So, l listened to the loud voices of others and I strayed.

Far out is this a repeating pattern in life for me. When I embark on something new, I actually start out with much to learn and grow, but kinda starting on the right track.

Perhaps it’s the playfulness with which I meet something new. Just playing in the void. Before the experts shouting “musts” get in. And then I lose my way a little bit. And I learn a bunch and I come back full circle, letting all the experts fall away again and returning to playfulness, realising how close I was to getting it at the beginning all along.

As a teenager I was an idiot, but I also really knew who I was and what was important to me. But I listened to the opinions of others and I strayed. Eventually, years later, returning to who I was back then, but having learned and grown (thank goodness), knowing what it’s like to stray and come home and never want to lose my way again but knowing I might stray a bit every now and then but never as much as before.

With warmth,


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