New Coaches, this is for you…

New Coaches, this is for you… 

Learn the craft of transformation AND the art of building a sustainable business. 

I know too many coaches who inadvertently do harm because they haven’t learned the craft of transformation well, they’ve taken short cut courses along the way but they make a lot of money because they get how to build a business.

And I know too many skilled coaches who struggle because they haven’t embraced what it means to build a sustainable business. It’s not about business names and business cards and websites and all that malarkey, it’s about creating an energetic exchange with people, where they give you money in exchange for something you can help them with. 

You need both. Your craft and the skills to create that energetic exchange.

I see too many coaches with no business experience, who have fallen for inflated promises of making big money in a short time. Is it possible? Yes. Is it common? Nope. 

Creating from desperation and financial stress is so hard and a way less fun way to pursue your hearts desire. If you put yourself in a situation where you are too stressed and under resourced to move forward you may end up giving up on what you actually wanted and being forced into taking some backward steps just to catch back up. 

It’s ok to keep a steady income stream WHILE you build your business. 

There is no shame in working a 9 – 5. It is no failing to return to employment to sustain yourself, it’s called adulting. 

If you hate your job and need to get out, get a different job, ideally one that gives you the financial stability, some flexibility, maybe part time? And where you can develop some of the skills you’re gonna need along the way WHILE you build your new biz. Even if you don’t love it. It’s actually ok to not like your job much while you’re building what you do love.  

It’s ok to be sensible. 

What’s that saying? ‘By all means follow your heart, but for the love of god, take your brain with you!’ 

Just because you don’t take a huge leap, does not mean you are not going “all in” or aren’t prepared to do what it takes or are settling for less or are limited or not operating from abundance.

Stepping stones are ok too. 

If you ever find yourself in ‘one way’ thinking, that’s a bit of a red flag. There are so many ways to pursue what you want. Failing to explore alternatives could be the very thing that limits you. Putting all your eggs in one basket and hoping it pays off in an arbitrary and ridiculously short time frame can be a recipe for disaster.

Do whatever works for you and create a journey you can enjoy for the most part along the way, because the idea of arriving at a destination in life and business can be a bit of a mirage.

With warmth,


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I’m Amy Bell, NLP Trainer & Coach.

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