Purpose is an inside job

Are you waiting to be struck with purpose or inspiration?

Do you find yourself thinking things like “I’ll do something when I feel inspired” or “as soon as I know what my purpose is I will move forward”

It’s common to seek things like purpose, inspiration, motivation, and desire from external sources, but they’re an inside job.

Purpose isn’t something external, it resides within you. Yet, we often search for it outside ourselves, gazing into the future, lost and wondering, where can I find my purpose? Is it out there somewhere?

But the truth is, you’ll never find it out there. 

Years ago, I stumbled upon a remarkable book called SandTalk by Tyson Yunkaporta which beautifully illustrates how indigenous thinking can transform the world. The book challenges the absurdity of our way of life—sitting immobilised at a desk all day, only to exhaust ourselves on a treadmill at the gym of an evening. We try to stick movement on to our lives, at the end of our day instead of movement just being in the way we live.

Purpose is like that. 

It’s not out there. It’s not separate. It’s within your being. You don’t stick purpose onto your life. You live it and breathe it.

Connecting with purpose doesn’t have to mean quitting your job, or turning your whole life upside down either. You can find opportunities to live it and breathe it into the most ordinary, mundane and unlikely of places. 

You get to know purpose through living, through doing and being, like a long term relationship that evolves and deepens over time.

After a conversation with a client recently about purpose he had a massive insight.

“I’ve been waiting for it to come to me… I haven’t been nurturing the relationship. I’m expecting purpose to show up and do all the work!”

Inspired by this insight, he made a conscious decision to take the lead and arrange a “date night” with purpose. He started investing time in getting to know it better, cultivating curiosity, and exploring its depths.

Remember, purpose isn’t an external force that will magically manifest itself in your life. It requires an active and engaged relationship. 

So, why not take the initiative to deepen your connection with purpose? Explore, inquire, and engage with it. Let purpose become an inseparable part of your journey, guiding and inspiring you every step of the way.

Look back across time. Notice the themes of what makes you feel alive, what feels aligned, what matters to you and how you like to be helpful. Anything you do that ticks all of those boxes holds clues.

Don’t wait for purpose to find you; take the first step and actively seek it out. 

With love and warmth,


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