Stepping out of the ordinary

If you want an extraordinary result, you have to make extraordinary decisions.

Learning from your laptop from the comfort of your own home if the outcome you’re seeking requires stepping out of your comfort zone won’t cut it.

Learning from your laptop is fine for lots of things. But the process you go through to get what you’re seeking matters. They have to be aligned. We don’t get strong and resilient, flexible and adaptable by being spoon fed easy options.

Far out, convenience is seductive. But the process you go through to learn matters.

Everything about the embodied NLP practitioner journey is designed to shape you. While the duration of the program is a result of training at the level of principles rather than teaching in a rote or scripted procedural way, committing to a live in person, 22 day program, over several months, especially in today’s landscape of ease, convenience and instant gratification SHAPES YOU.

I think we have at least 3 people traveling interstate for all 6 chunks of training of the practitioner journey starting next Friday. What does this tell us about who they already are? Mad you reckon? Maybe… but you know what they say, ‘all the best people are’.

One thing is for sure, they’re already on the pathway of extraordinary.

C’mon. Step the f*@k out of the ordinary.

With warmth,


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I’m Amy Bell, NLP Trainer & Coach.

For close to a decade I have been exploring, learning and experimenting with NLP. I’ve trained extensively in both Australia and Europe with some of the worlds most acclaimed NLP Trainers.

I’m both intensely curious, and obsessive about my own ongoing development, the creation and delivery of my work and the results I get for my people. 

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