The Biz Pits Shits

My client was feeling like a failure. Like she was doing all this work and not getting anywhere and never feeling that feeling of ‘success’. Not seeing the monetary results she’d like or feeling like she was getting anywhere professionally. She was feeling defeated like she had wasted so much time in confusion, indecision and self sabotage.

I said “You know what, we need a name for this experience… “

The Biz Pits Shits – When you’re in the pit of despair with your business woes, and you’re sick of it.

Everyone in business has their own version of BPS. In fact, a major business skill is learning to navigate a heavy case of BPS well. Keeping your centre and learning how to refocus when you’ve lost it. More and more I think it’s time I shared my process for navigating the inner game of business, but that’s not why I’m talking with you today.

What I wanted to share with you is the insight my client had. I reminded her of my Super Learner Cycle. Challenge > Struggle >Recognise Process > Celebrate Progress > Raise the bar.

So often, ambitious folk like us, can plough ahead seeking challenge after challenge, experiencing struggle and fail to pause long enough to notice progress and certainly don’t stay with progress long enough to celebrate it. It’s SUCH an important part of the process. Without it, the path ahead can seem overwhelmingly long, difficult and pointless.

She had recently gone from thinking she was unable to sell any seats to her events, thinking perhaps events weren’t meant for her, to completely selling out and running her event, within a matter of weeks. And never stopped for a moment to acknowledge that growth or celebrate her success. That is no small stepping stone. That’s a shift that can be built on and expanded and has massive implications for her business future.

And then I asked her something…. 

“If you can go from thinking you can’t do something, to being able to do it, just like that… what else will you be able to do that feels beyond you right now?”

And that’s my invitation to you 

Reflect on something you’ve done, that you didn’t think was possible at one point.

Give yourself a moment to give yourself the fist pump you deserve.

And ask yourself “what else might be possible that feels beyond me right now…?

Much love and warmth,


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