This feels edgy to post…

This feels edgy to post…

A friend of mine who is trained in NLP just attended a business seminar where she was tracking all the unethical application of NLP they used to get people to buy stuff.

She was shocked. I was not. It’s so common.

A few red flags to help you spot this stuff

# Compliance training: is exactly what it says. Training the audience into a pattern of complying with everything they say. Looks and sounds like “write this down”, “raise your hand”, “hi five the person next to you” “tell the person next to you they’re phenomenal” etc. a series of behavioural commands

# YES training: training the audience into a pattern of saying yes over and over and over (so they’ll be more likely to say yes to their sales offers)

# Invest in yourself frames: stories about not succeeding unless you invest in yourself (with them)

# Rags to riches tales: testimonials from people who couldn’t pay their rent but borrowed money to invest with them and then they magically succeeded and all their dreams came true or similar

# Hypnotic language: like “by now” or “by today” which your unconscious hears as “BUY NOW”

# Long days: that run beyond midnight so you’re in an altered state when they offer “limited, exclusive” offers that will expire by breakfast time

Are you squirming or groaning yet? I know, it’s so bad.

Most of these people aren’t “bad” people. People are more complex than that. And in a lot of cases what they’re selling has value.

A question I often ask myself is “what are the beliefs that someone must hold in order to choose certain behaviours”. In most of these cases people are copying the methods of their mentors without thinking, or they have been brainwashed to believe that they are doing people a disservice if they don’t get them to buy their life changing programs and must use every tactic they can to get them to sign up. It’s “ends justifies the means” thinking.

And some know exactly what they’re doing and do not give a fuck about people.

I never see or hear any of my colleagues talk about this stuff publicly.

I prefer to focus on what I’m creating and I don’t want to bring negative energy to people.

But I do want people to be aware of these practices so they can stay out of the effects of them.

There’s a shadow side not just of my industry or an other particular industry but of human beings generally. I think it’s healthier to speak to it.

So there, I said it.

And it seriously bums me out that people think this is what NLP is. NLP is a beautiful, magical methodology and art form when learned and applied well.

With warmth,


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