Tips for choosing your NLP Trainer

  • Do your research
  • Recognise that not all NLP Trainings are created equal. A 5-10 day prac is not equal to an 18 day prac, no matter what they try to tell you. A Fast Track program will usually involve scripts. Scripts are a sign of poor quality training. All you’re actually learning is ‘say these words’. You don’t actually learn what those scripts mean about how people work, you don’t learn what you’re doing for yourself and you have no way of adapting and responding when things go off script. Which given the complexity of human behaviour… is only all the freaking time. Due to the lack of understanding you also have no way of improving via practise, no way of troubleshooting or self assessing what you need to tweak to level up.
  • Talk to both trainers and students who have trained with multiple trainers and different schools of NLP
  • Find out if the trainer attended comprehensive training or if they came from a 5-10 day prac school or are affiliated with a board or association who endorses short form, script based training.
  • Recognise that boards and associations are meaningless in an unregulated field such as NLP. What’s important is not whether they have formed a board or an association but what standards does that body endorse. Find out.
  • Find out if the trainer does regular professional development training including learning from other trainers in the field of NLP and adjacent fields.
  • Attend an introductory NLP course or Workshop to get a sense of the trainer and the style of the training
  • At the end of the day, choose someone you resonate with.
NLP Training

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