What happens to you when you learn Embodied NLP

Do you know what happens to you when you learn Embodied NLP?

What happens to your MIND?

Before: the Embodied NLP Practitioner Journey our mind is polluted with unhelpful internal chatter, negative self talk, limiting beliefs, conditioned ideas about who we are and who we are not and fuddled logic.

After: our thinking is clearer, cleaner, less polluted, less self imposed limitations, less overthinking, less overwhelm, better quality thinking and useful thought process, more influence over our thought processes, better quality questions, better quality decisions and results and we develop a healthier relationship to our thoughts and gain a better experience in day to day life. We are more self aware and we can recognise where ourselves and others get stuck with their thinking and know exactly what we need to do to shift things quickly and usefully, without years of therapy!

What happens to your heart?

Before: We experience more conflict and friction, pointless arguments that get nowhere, misunderstandings, heart ache, blame, judgement, criticism, we feel wounded and hopeless.

After: We can communicate in a way that leads to connection. We are empathetic without losing connection or dishonouring ourselves, we can hold healthy boundaries, we have compassion for others and for ourselves, we listen better and understand more deeply, we live in accordance with what is truly important and aligned for us. We have more capacity to heal, love, forgive and to feel joyful.

What happens to your body?

Before: We are reactive, disregulated, out of touch with our innate wisdom, ignoring and overriding important somatic signals, overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings of stress, anxiety, anger even shame. We don’t utilise our non verbal communication.

After: We pay attention and respond resourcefully to the signals our body is giving us, we are connected to our innate wisdom and inner guidance system. We elevate our overall baseline state so we generally feel more positive without needing to do much . We can choose how we want to feel and turn those feelings up as much as we desire. We can redirect our emotional state when we’re headed somewhere not useful. We utilise our body and senses to communicate and lead effectively. We develop a resilient nervous system.

What happens to your soul?

Before:  a little directionless, lost, disheartened, confused, longing.

After:  connected, aligned with purpose and meaning in lifenourished

It’s a full body transformation. Basically, the manual for how to be a successful human across all facets of life.

PLUS… all the transformational, communication and leadership skills you gain!

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