What is Heart Rate Variability?

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People have been begging me for this so I’ve finally put something together just for you to help you kick start your journey to ever increasing health, performance, resilience and wellbeing.

Whether you’re a biohacker, or someone who is struggling with low energy or chronic illness or someone at the top of your game who wants to continually up your game, someone who values wellbeing or someone who coaches people in mental, emotional or physical health, fitness and wellbeing, this stuff is a game changer.

What is HRV?

HRV, Heart Rate Variability ,is NOT your heart rate. It’s the difference in tempo between your heart rate when you inhale and exhale. If you think of your heart as a drummer it would suck because it is not keeping a consistent tempo. When we inhale our heart rate increases and we exhale it decreases. The bigger the variation, the better. Your HRV score tells you, in any given moment in time, how resilient your nervous system is, how great your immunity health and wellbeing are. A healthy range is between 50 – 100. Less than 50 indicates chronic stress and inflammation and this is how HRV has become such a useful biomarker for chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Low HRV makes it harder to regulate emotions, you can go into overwhelm and confusion more easily, and you are more likely to feel stressed, anxious or depressed. Your perception of pain, physical and emotional, is also increased. Life just gets a whole lot easier with high HRV.

If you’ve ever played computer games maybe you have seen games with a life bar up in the top right hand corner of the screen. When you have a full green bar, if something happens to your avatar, you might take a small hit, flash invisible for a few seconds and carry on completing the level. But if your life bar is already low and in the red zone, if something happens it can be game over or it sends you back to the beginning of the level and you have to work your way back up to where you were. HRV is a bit like that.

Athletes using HRV as part of their training program work towards raising their HRV baseline as far over 100 as possible because the higher their HRV the harder they can train and push their bodies, the faster they can recover and the less likely they are to fall ill or be hit particularly hard by illness. Plus they can track how well suited their training program is and increase or decrease the intensity or type of training based on the impact on their HRV baseline. HRV Training is also popular in the military. If soldiers have low HRV and are dropped into a warzone they are less likely to cope well and are more likely to develop PTSD. If they have high HRV, they are more likely to be able to get in and do what they need to do and to bounce back from the stress more easily.

HRV is getting a lot more attention and this is great news for us. There are some sensational products on the market to help us utilise this incredible biomarker. No matter what your HRV baseline is right now, there are things you can do to increase it.

Heart rate variability breathing for example, can increase your HRV, strengthen your nervous system and take your performance, resilience and wellbeing to a whole new level. The moment you engage in this kind of breathwork, your HRV increases in real time. With biofeedback technology you can witness this change and the degree of influence you have on these things in real time. Literally watch your resilience and immunity go up! Isn’t that wild?

While it won’t keep your HRV up all day, if you make it a daily practice, morning and night it will raise your HRV baseline over time which is what HRV Training is all about.

Are you ready to start tracking and utilising this magic biomarker for?

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