What your favourite childhood stories, movies and characters reveal about you

We played with paradigmatic life script metaphors at Embodied Master Prac training today.

I asked the group which childhood books, movies and characters resonated with them, and what was it that resonated? What messages did they get from them? What did it reveal about how life works? What was it about a character that resonated? Stuff like that.

Mine were ‘The Little Mermaid’ (I used to act out and sing the entire movie for my sister and her friends all the time!). Ariel is fascinated by the human world and how it works and loves exploring other worlds – literally why I have the career I do.

And… Pippi Longstocking – I loved that she was creative and innovative and loved exploring and making everything fun – using scrubbing brushes as skates to clean the floor… even the lyrics to the theme song:

“Freedom calls and Pippi runs. The girl who never heard she couldn’t do something. Watch out world ’cause here she comes. And she’s bound to teach you more than one thing. Pippi Longstocking is coming into your town. The one no one can keep down, no no no no. The one who’s fun to be around, woaaahhh woah. Pippi Longstocking is coming into your world. A freckle-faced red haired girl, you oughta know. She’ll throw your life into a whirl. She dreams dreams like me and you. And yes it seems she always makes her dreams come true.”

… this is how I do life and career and reveals a lot of my personality tendencies!

This is a great way to discover what someone values, their enneagram type, and how they view the world and to generally get to know them a little more deeply.

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