You don’t get somewhere extraordinary by making ordinary decisions

You don’t get somewhere extraordinary by making ordinary decisions.

Ordinary choices are seductive. They’re comfortable, they’re easy and convenient. 

In my line of work, an average person won’t invest the time and energy in a 200 hour, live in person deep dive NLP Practitioner Training. 

An average NLP Trainer won’t invest 200 hours to train you up as an NLP Practitioner and they sure as anything won’t have got there via an in depth, 4000 hour NLP trainer apprenticeship either.

These are the actions of people who are just crazy enough to take the road less travelled. People who want nothing less than remarkable, everlasting transformation and to be shaped powerfully by the journey. Even if they don’t know exactly where they’re headed, they know wherever they’re going, they want to end up somewhere special.

Throughout the trainer apprenticeship I undertook, people always commented on how much discipline I must have to do it. It might have seemed like that to the outside, but it never once felt like that. I felt invigorated by the challenge. I felt sparked with the aliveness of knowing I was walking the right path, my path. Even throughout those ‘brown pants’ moments and the crippling imposter syndrome.

Sure, it might have been easier to not give up every weekend for years on end. It might have been easier not to step way outside my comfort zone the way I did. But what would have actually been way harder for me was to stay in my nice, ordinary life a moment longer. To stay feeling small and watch my confidence and what I thought was possible for me continue to shrink. 

Extraordinary choices can take many shapes and forms. They can be the people we spend the most time with, the goals we set, how we show up in a crisis, an act of love or generosity in a moment of rage  – anything the average person wouldn’t choose, or wouldn’t choose consistently, that leads to unusually good results and a feeling so deeply rewarding that no one can ever take away from you.

In a world where most choose ordinary, without even questioning the long term consequences, choose extraordinary and you can’t not get some place far more special and worthwhile.

Choose extraordinary, get extraordinary, be extraordinary

What is one extraordinary decision you can make in the next 24 hours? Let me know, I’d love to hear what it is.

With love and warmth,


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I’m both intensely curious, and obsessive about my own ongoing development, the creation and delivery of my work and the results I get for my people. 

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