You feel panicked when you’re coaching and you don’t know what to do next…

You feel panicked when you’re coaching and you don’t know what to do next…

Your client keeps looping through the same behaviours, same thought patterns and emotional cycles.

So you grasp for more techniques, tools. 

At this point you’re no longer of service to the client.

You’ve lost connection.

‘You’re desperately reaching for techniques, the right thing to say, trying to fill a deficit you perceive within you.

Slow down. Empty out. The change can’t get in if you’re rushed, flustered or full.

No amount of tools and techniques or the right words can help you if you don’t slow down and create space for change.

I teach advanced transformational skills. And everyone wants to learn the cool shit first. You must master the basics. Can you slow down time and drop into connection with this person at a deep limbic system level? Can you be one with them first?

This is the foundation for magic.

With warmth,


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