You’re impressive. Let me explain.

You’re impressive. Let me explain.

Most people with decades of experience are at least a little bit impressive.

And they usually take a lot of the gold they have to offer for granted.

It’s often the stuff they do so effortlessly that it doesn’t even register in their awareness that they’re doing it, or that other people can’t “just” do or don’t know that it is something that should be done… people earlier in the journey would LOVE to be able to know about that stuff and be able to do it… it’s the stuff that would leapfrog them to a greater degree of success, faster.

Imagine someone had been able to give you 10-25 years of expertise right at the very beginning. Expertise they had spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars and oodles of energy, sweat, frustration and mistakes to get. All yours in a few days of training and maybe a few grand. Imagine knowing what you know now, back then and how much further along you’d be now. What kind of unique and valuable thought leadership you might have to offer. What additional breakthroughs and innovation that might have led to for your field or industry.

If you’re an expert with 10-25 years of experience I guarantee you have gold that you could be sharing with others to advance their careers and your field.

In addition to being an NLP Trainer and Coach, I’m an NLP Modeller and Learning Designer who also uses Genius Mapping (AKA Knowledge Engineering) methodology to extract, map and reproduce expertise rapidly and I have an eye for gold and the magic you have to share.

If you’ve got 10 or more years of experience and you want to share your expertise MEANINGFULLY, not just what you think you do, what you ACTUALLY do that gets the results you get, to elevate others and maybe even revolutionise your industry, let’s have a chat.

With warmth,


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I’m Amy Bell, NLP Trainer & Coach.

For close to a decade I have been exploring, learning and experimenting with NLP. I’ve trained extensively in both Australia and Europe with some of the worlds most acclaimed NLP Trainers.

I’m both intensely curious, and obsessive about my own ongoing development, the creation and delivery of my work and the results I get for my people. 

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