Have you made the decision your future self will love you for?

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing with gifting in different ways.

In lockdown recently, I’ve resorted to playing ding-dong dash AKA knocks n run, leaving little gifts on the doorstep of neighbours who live alone. It’s probably the biggest thrill I’ve had in a long time, which says a lot about living in COVID times.

The gifting games all started with a pretty relentless training schedule, a shortage of assistance from my usual support crew, and a strong intention to take care of myself throughout the process.

Due to the nature of what I train and how I train, a back-to-back training schedule leaves very little space in my week for much else. So, over the training weekend, I started playing this game, where I would brainstorm both little things and fairly significant things I could do that future Amy would love me for and plant these little gifts for myself in the future.

Sometimes that was as simple as making healthy choices regarding sleep, eating, and meditation routines.

Sometimes, Sunday Amy will stay back til 9 pm or 10 pm at night after a full 3 – 5 days of training, packing down one event and setting up for the next one, knowing that Thursday Amy will literally squeal with delight about that being taken care of already. And she does. Thursday Amy LOVES Sunday Amy. Thursday Amy thinks Sunday Amy is a LEGEND. And Sunday Amy gets a real thrill imagining just how stoked Thursday Amy will be.

It’s a great question to explore,

“What’s something I can do right now, that will rock my future self’s world…?”

You can play with different time frames. Future self next week, next month, next year, 5 years…

It bakes my noodle a bit to consider this but we’re about halfway through 2021 already.

Have you been planting seeds your 2022 self will thank you for?

Are you doing things your future self will thank you for or will you be kicking yourself for not acting sooner?

Only you can tell the difference between a genuine reason not to act and an excuse. And if you think about how your future self is going to feel and imagine literally giving your future self a gift, what is the gift that will make the most significant difference to your future self?

Create the future now…

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