Learning about being a Jedi vs Learning to be a Jedi

Let’s assume I know something about lightsabers… (which aside from spending all of lockdown #5 in a Virtual Reality Jedi training dojo, I really don’t)

If I hold up a lightsaber and tell you all about it…If I give you a piece of paper with a picture of a lightsaber on it… If I give you pages and pages of text telling you all about lightsabers…

Can you talk about lightsabers? Yes, you can repeat what you’ve read and heard and maybe take notes.

Can you skillfully use a lightsaber? No…

How much real Jedi training and learning has occurred? None

If I physically demonstrate different ways to use a lightsaber and give you the opportunity to hold a lightsaber, to use it in a bunch of different ways for a different purpose… if I observe you use a lightsaber and give you some feedback, allow you to adjust, as a reiterative process…

Can you skillfully use a lightsaber? Yes.

Can you talk about lightsabers? Yes, in your own words from a place of embodied experience

How much Jedi training and learning has occurred? Loads!

Both methods are often referred to as “training”. The result of both methods is referred to as “learning”. Yet when it comes to learning skills, real learning does not occur when we “cover content” or “talk about topics”

It occurs via demonstration, doing, and feedback.

If you have attempted to transfer skills by sharing information, you probably found your results were pretty poor.

If you’ve attended a course with a desire to learn to do something you couldn’t do before and you’ve come away with the information you struggle to apply, chances are you’ve selected a course delivering information about tools and what you need is a course that delivers skills, maybe a combination of tools and skills.

Takeaway: No matter how strong the force is with you, if you want to be a Jedi you need skills, not information about being a Jedi or Jedi tools

This distinction alone can make us much better Jedi and way more effective Jedi Trainers.

May the force be with you…


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