Lacking confidence and self belief? Read this

You think you need confidence and self-belief right?
Let me ask you then, what do you imagine you would do if you had those things? What can you see yourself doing if you had the kind of confidence and self-belief you desire?

Actually, stop and think about that for a moment…

You think you need confidence and self-belief to do that, but here’s the thing… you don’t.

The top performers, high achievers, and the people I know who are making significant contributions to the world don’t have those things. They don’t feel confident, they don’t have anything they would describe as self-belief.

They have the same fears and insecurities as you. Even if they’re pretty good at making it seem like they don’t, they do. The difference is, that they don’t see their fears and insecurities as a reason not to act. They act in spite of the fact that they don’t feel confident and doubt themselves.

What if you didn’t need confidence or self-belief? What if all you need is something you already probably have in spades… uncertainty.

Certainty is dangerous.

Certainty that you’re an absolute legend can prevent you from taking on feedback to the contrary and blind you to the areas you would benefit from improving or developing.

Certainty that you can’t do something is incredibly limiting because if you are certain you can’t why would you bother even trying right? You just wouldn’t.

But uncertainty, not knowing if you can or if you can’t is great. Because there’s only one way to really know for sure, right? Take that uncertainty and think “I don’t know if I can do this…yet!” and wrap it in a healthy dose of curiosity “ooo…let’s find out!” and take action in spite of the fact that you feel uncertain.

Life instantly becomes more magical, an unfolding adventure and you start moving towards the things you want to create and contribute much, much faster. And over time, this seriously cool thing happens…

After repeatedly leaning into discomfort, challenge and uncertainty you develop an incredible relationship with fear and insecurity. Time after time you get the deeply embodied reference that no matter what happens, no matter if you try something and it doesn’t work, no matter how scary, you discover that you are always actually ok, even when you fail. Even when it hurts. You’re ok. And that can look like confidence from the outside. But it’s so much better. It’s resilience.

So what are those things you want? Go get em!

With warmth,


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