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This feels edgy to post…

This feels edgy to post… A friend of mine who is trained in NLP just attended a business seminar where she was tracking all the unethical application of NLP they used to get people to

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My business isn’t just a business…

My business isn’t just a business… It’s a community, a safe haven, an incubator, a playground, a portal to abundant possibilities, a garden of blossoming friendships and more… I don’t always make ‘business’ decisions. If

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What’s the real definition of NLP?

One of the most narrow, limited and most common definitions of NLP is ‘neuro how we think, linguistic our language, programming how we’ve been programmed’. Fun fact: Did you know that Richard Bandler named NLP

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The myth of self belief…

The myth of self belief… Many of my clients are under the impression that the thing in their way is a lack of self belief or confidence. Sometimes it’s this idea itself that is in

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Stepping out of the ordinary

If you want an extraordinary result, you have to make extraordinary decisions. Learning from your laptop from the comfort of your own home if the outcome you’re seeking requires stepping out of your comfort zone

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